Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008, Putrajaya

Friday, September 26, 2008
My dad took me at 9.30 then we straight ahead to putrajaya. luckilly the highway was opened. we juz took 15 mins to get there. actually, i planned to join my fren who got tickets to watch the fireworks from a lounge on the top of PICC, VVIP tickets, but anfortunately she juz went back from langkawi, exhausted and cancelled her programme. i and my dad planned to get near to the location, but the road seems to stuck wit cars. so, we juz parked on a bridge by the road side. the viw was quite far but my gadgets helped, my 70-300mm SIGMA. i captured those moments from on top of the car, luckilly CR-V have sun roof. people got weird on me there. hehe...

wasn't so clear if it is big

didn't managed to got the best settings, frustrated