Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture And Agrotourism Show

Friday, September 26, 2008
At the first place it was boring, but i take it positive bcoz iknew as loas i have my camera wit me then everything could change intresting. my parents enjoy themselves gaining new knowledge about some agrotechs products. we also enjoyed some free food and we even didn't bought anythin for lunch. all those free foods made us full.. haha.. in the while i moved by myself snapping some great shots all over th exhibition. and not just me, i found many photographers but didn't got even a sec to make frens wit them. plus, there was a pretty girl wit a Nikon, really attractive.

i never had a nice vege pics like this

do it taste like it looks??

1st tyme in my lyfe tasting a very2 natural honey, direct from its nest!!